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Oct 9, 2006

Playboy's Women of Video Games 2006

Kotaku.com recently showed us a sneak peek at Playboy's Annual Women of Video Games 2006 spread, but I now have the finished article in my hot little hands.

Featuring video game ladies from the next generation of gaming, the spread features from left to right: Sarah Morrison of Tabula Rasa, Jessica McRae from Scarface (in the original there was another girl from Scarface, but she didn't make the cut), Lida and Persephone from God of War 2, Alicia Claus from Bulletwitch, Dr. Jasmine Lin from Timeshift, and Enrica Villablanca from Splinter Cell Double Agent. The picture is a two page spread that folds out like the centerfold does.

Playboy also included a few articles looking at the new consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, the future of online play, and games being a man's game.

For a better view of the pictures, pick up a copy of this month's Playboy.

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