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Nov 7, 2008

More Videogame Inspired My Little Ponies

More My Little Ponies have galloped across my path and this time they are all made from the crafty hands of Anime Amy. She has quite a collection too!

So big in fact that I couldn't show all the videogame inspired pieces that she has created so I decided to post my favorites and mention the rest.

The top piece is a custom Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII and the picture below is custom Moogle pony from the same series.

Anime Amy has also created ponies from the Final Fantasy universe for Sephiroth, Rinoa, Cait Sith, Ifrit, Red XIII, Gunner Yuna, Vivi, Squall and Shiva. She also has a Link & Navi Pony seen below, an Epona pony and a Master Chief pony.

Pretty big collection and that's just the videogame inspired pieces. She also has a few geeky pieces like Batman and The Last Unicorn.

You can check out her entire gallery on Deviant Art here.

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