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Nov 8, 2008

3D Perler Bead Mario Mushroom

I've been slowly working on this piece for a while now. It took a few tries to get each piece right but I managed to design the 3D piece almost exactly like the Super Mario World mushroom sprite.

I got the idea to make this piece after spending too much time staring at my Mario mushroom coasters.

I don't even want to think about how many beads I used trying to make this piece. I must have thrown out 5 layers that either didn't match up right or melted funny.
But I guess it was worth it in the end to make should a cool piece.


Selemi said...

That is amazing! I started making stuff with perler beads around a day ago (finally made a box!) and am astounded by the awesome stuff people make.

Anonymous said...

How did you fuse the layers together?

Unknown said...

I just used hot glue and glued it.

Anonymous said...

I tried making one except it was the green one up mushroom, did you have any problems with gluing it? When I glued it some sections didn't glue together right so its glued solid in some places and not glued in others