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Jun 28, 2008

Coldplay and Creaky Boards Stole from Legend of Zelda

The big story on You Tube last week was the video posted by Andrew, the front man for the band, Creaky boards, where he claims Coldplay's melody for "Viva la Vida" was stole from their song, "The Songs I didn't Write" (What an ironic name).

Well, Andrew claims he was inspired by the Fairy Theme from The Legend of Zelda, and guess what? So did Chris Martin. How interesting!

So I guess that means that Andrew and Chris really stole their melodies from Nintendo. I've posted the Fairy Theme Music above, so everyone can compare the songs together and decide if they truly do sound alike. I sort of hear the similiarities, but not as much as I do between the Creaky Boards song and the Coldplay song. Those songs are just too much alike to be a coincidence.


TexCub said...

Wow, that's strikingly similar. I must hear more from these Creaky Boards, less from Coldplay!

Mike said...

Stolen for sure.

Anonymous said...

their definitely similar but not enough i'd think anything about it over the years thousands of songs have similar sounds the melody IS slightly different and the words and theme are completely different its not stolen but i doubt my thinking so will end the depabate