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Jul 2, 2015

Fallout Shelter Review

Bethesda released an app game called Fallout Shelter in anticipation of the upcoming Fallout 4 game. This app game has you building rooms in a vault shelter in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout and managing the resources, health and happiness of your vault dwellers.

Dwellers from the wasteland come to your vault seeking shelter and you must build various rooms like power plants, living quarters, water filtration plants and diners for them to work and live in. These rooms also provide them with the resources to live happy and healthy lives. Each dweller has various skill levels and you must match them to their best suited jobs. For instance, dwellers with high strength skills work best in a power plant, while high agility people are better in the diner. When best matched, resources are produced quicker and dwellerss are much happier in their jobs.

The resources in your vault must be also managed well or the whole system falls apart. Enough power is required for all rooms to work, food and clean water for all dwellers to be happy and healthy, and radaway & stimpaks for everyone to be healthy etc. If you double tap on the rooms, you can see what the dwellers are saying for clues on how to make them happy.

New vault dwellers can be born by bringing a male and female together in one of the living quarters for a bit to have some fun time or by building a radio room to put out the call for new dwellers. Keep in mind, pregnant dwellers can still work but they cannot fight off raiders or radroaches which will attack your vault from time to time. They also cannot help fight fires when accidents happen in various rooms. Bringing two dwellers together for a little alone time is also the easiest way to boost happiness levels in the game.

Room productions can be rushed but at risk of accidents like fires or radroach attacks. These accident possibilities are determined by how happy your dwellers are, how healthy they are and how often you have rushed them recently. The game will give you a possible accident percentage before you choose to rush the production though. A success rush not only gives you faster resources but also caps which can use to build or upgrade your rooms.

Caps can be earned by meeting objectives found in your bottom right menu, from leveling up your dwellers, from sending a dweller into the wasteland to explore or by selling outfits or weapons. Lunchboxes can also be earned by completing objectives, and these contain caps, outfits, weapons, resources, and bonus dwellers.

Outfits and weapons can be equipped on your dwellers to defend the vault against raiders and radroaches or to upgrade dwellers stats. To store a lot of these, you will have to build storage rooms. Make sure to equip your dweller with weapons or outfits before you send them into the wasteland to explore.

This game takes a bit of trial and error before you can get the hang of it, so don't get discouraged if you lose a bunch of dwellers to radiation in your first game. I have personally started and deleted at least 5 vaults due to unhappy and dying dwellers. Best to start slow and don't expand beyond your dwellers and resources. Use a dweller to explore the wastelands for lots of free experience, loot and caps. Best to send someone with a lot of luck and endurance. Also remember to upgrade and merge your rooms for more resources per round.

It's a free game to downland and play but you can buy lunchboxes for more goodies if you are impatient. Available for the iphone and ipad.

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