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Sep 9, 2010

From Retro to Renew: Battle Chess

So when I was a kid I played I a lot of PC games my Father would trade from friends and such. One such games was called Battle Chess which was released by Interplay in 1988. I wasn't really good at playing chess but I loved watching each character battle it out for the chess spot. Each Chess piece would react differently to another piece type and it was so cool to watch their battle moves.

SouthPeak Games is coming out with a new version of this classic game, Battle vs Chess and has a new trailer posted for it. It looks pretty darn cool and again, though I sucked at chess, I would totally play this game just to watch the pieces battle it out for the space

To quote Ron Wesley "That's Wizard's Chess!"


G said...

This was the game I played most at E3.

Definitely interesting.

Lost Mitten said...

I loved playing the original Battle Chess game on the PC when I was a kid! I had no idea how to play chess but loved watching those chess pieces destroy each other. :)

dressupgames said...

Battle Chess was a great game!

Sally said...

Holy crap! I'd forgotten all about Battlechess :)