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Jul 18, 2010

Epic 8-Bit Art - Grown-Up Gamer Decor

Lil Mario Swimming, originally uploaded by Nostalgic Nerdom.

My boyfriend loves to tease me about how I decorate my bedroom (yes, we live together but sleep in different rooms. I have headaches and he has insomnia - two rooms = two happy morning people) because I have a ton of gaming/geek stuff adorning my space. I have art on the walls, stuffed animals on shelves, etc. and he hates it because its looks childish.

Nostalgic Nerdom proves that you can have gamer decor in your home and not have it look childish. It can look artistic or stylist - Martha Stewart meets Mario, if you will.

She combined easy to do Perler fused bead art with a simple glass vase filled with blue flat glass beads created a elegant underwater Mario moment for her home.

Simple, yet Stunning. And that's a good thing.

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