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Jul 5, 2016

8-Bit Art: 3D Pokemon House Project

Unfortunately Canada Post is in the middle of a contract negotiation and there is a possibly now of postal strike as soon as Friday. This possible strike has left me no choice but to put my Etsy store, Pixelized Creations on vacation mode until the issue is resolved and I know for sure my packages can go out without fear of them getting stuck in transit.

This has left me though with tons of time to work on new fused bead art projects, so I decided to enter a contest on instagram where you had to make a fused bead art piece with a Pokemon theme. I decided to make a little scene with Ash and Pikachu fighting another trainer with their pokemon. Then it escalated into a bigger piece with a house, plants etc. And then I decided to make the house 3D. I had to play around with a couple different concepts before I got the piece to finally fit.

The final project I think turned out pretty darn good though. It is made completely from perler/hama beads and a little bit of e6000 glue. I used only black, white, grey, dark grey and hama brand's translucent grey colour. Not sure how many beads I used total but I know I went through 3.5 bags of grey beads roughly which is 3500 beads.

The patterns I got mostly from the Pokemon Red/Blue game though I had to come up with the garden soil and side/back of the house patterns on my own. The 3D house pattern is completely my own design too.

I will plan to sell this when the postal strike is over with. I am not sure about the pricing but I will let people know if they are interested in purchasing it now. I can always look into other couriers for this like FedEx or UPS.

I will update everyone when my store reopens. Pixelized Creations

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