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Mar 22, 2010

Interview with Bruce Campbell

To his legions of devoted fans, Bruce Campbell will always be known as Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series but lately Bruce is gaining a new following via his current project, Burn Notice which airs on the USA Network TV show. Bruce plays Sam Axe, a former FBI agent and wing man to ex-spy, Michael Westen.

I got to meet Bruce back in September 2009 at the annual Fan Expo in Toronto where he signed autographs, took pictures with his fans and wowed a pack house at his intimate and interactive show. Bruce was charming, funny and downright fantastic on stage. You could tell why his fans love him so.

I recently caught up with Bruce to talk about Evil Dead 4, USO shows and Burn Notice.

Christina : The third season of Burn Notice has just come to a close with the season finale on the USA Network. How does it feel to be a main cast member on not only a successful cable network show but on a show that doesn't require you to dress in period clothes or perform strange stunts for each episode?

Bruce Campbell: It's a self-answering question - it feels great! As an actor, I have worked on "hits" and "misses," and it's always better to be on a hit any day.

C: Back in November, you and co-star, Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice went to the Combat Outpost Meade, south of Baghdad to entertain the troops as part of the Morale, Welfare and Recreation tour throughout Iraq. How was that experience for you?

BC: It was odd, exciting, encouraging, depressing, funny, cool - everything you would expect from a war zone. Most importantly, the trip was not about politics - it was about taking the time to say thanks to folks who put their lives on the line. These men and women are the real deal.

C: Sam Raimi posted on his twitter account a pondering thought about whether he could get away with a Lich King that wore Hawaiian shirts. So now this has left fans wondering, if Sam were to ask you to play a major role in his film adaptation of the World of Warcraft movie, would you do it?

BC: Sure, depending on my Burn Notice day job. I look forward to working with Sam for many years to come on whatever he's got going.

C: So when are you planning on setting up a twitter account? Sam and Ted already have one and someone pretended to be you on Twitter in order to convince you to start an account (or so he claims after the USA Network shut him down for impersonating you). So how about it or are you just not the social network type?

BC: I'm not there yet. My life is complicated enough with e-mail and texting. Do I really need more of that?

C: On your website, Bruce-Campbell.com, you have a section for your blog posts where you've written about everything from industry advice to celebrity death matches. These are witty and somewhat informative articles but you haven't written anything new since 2008. Any plans to update the blog with some new articles?

BC: I got busy writing books, so probably not right away.

C: Evil Dead: the Musical is going strong, a 4th Evil Dead movie is in the works and now Evil Dead: the movie has been picked up by Grindhouse Releasing for midnight movie showings in the US and Canada for 2010. Did you ever think when you made Evil Dead all those years ago that the film would gain a second life as a cult franchise all these years later?

BC: How could we? All a filmmaker or actor wants is to be a part of something that takes hold. Some films do well over time, some do well right away and some die a horrible death. We all feel very grateful and fortunate for that flick.

C: Evil Dead IV recently popped up on your IMDB.com profile which has all the fans wondering what exactly is going to be your level of involvement with the new movie. Nothing has been confirmed yet and numerous sources have you playing everything from the creepy guy at the gas station to an older Ash. Are you able to confirm your role in the film yet?

BC: There isn't anything to share here. I'll most likely be a producer and actor (Ash of course) if the flick gets going, but Sam and I are pretty busy at the moment.

C: What do you think is the true mark of a successful actor?

BC: Remaining relevant.

C: Was there ever a time in your life where you wanted to give up on the whole acting thing and do something else? And if yes, what kept you going?

BC: I wanted to quit after a divorce from my first wife back in '89. I stayed in the business because I love it and because she wouldn't have me back even if I quit!

C: Is there anything in your career that you haven’t done that you would love to accomplish before you leave this world?

BC: No, I take it all as it comes these days. It keeps my head in the right place - not longing for anything.

You can see Bruce Campbell in all new episodes of Burn Notice coming this June 2010 on the USA Network and you can hear Mr. Campbell in his latest animated film, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs now available on DVD. I want to thank Bruce again for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk with me. You made this uber- fan so happy.

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