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Nov 9, 2008

Wicked New App for iPhone - SMule: Ocarina

I've been meaning to upgrade my iPod touch to allow download from the app store but every time I see cool app that using the built in microphone which the iPod touch doesn't have and I always change my mind.

I spotted a new app today which uses the built-in mic feature on the iPhone and I am so pissed that I don't have it on my iPod now. The SMule: Ocarina for the iPhone allows users to play a touch screen ocarina which allows you to blow into the built-in mic to simulate blowing into a real ocarina.

This app is so cool but I can't use it. BOOO!

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Anonymous said...

I love the Ocarina App! I would consider it one of the first instrument apps for the iPhone! A trendmaker of its time. I do the iPhone App Show, and it was the app covered in only the third episode!


I hope you enjoyed the video! and I hope to hear some of your tunes on the Ocarina App!