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Oct 29, 2006

Are You The Next Miss Video Game?

Are you a outgoing woman that loves to play video games? Would you like to be featured in an upcoming video game? Would you like to win a new gaming system? And even a trip to Montreal? (Crap, I lost you there, didn’t I?) Wait, would you like to win a trip to Mexico? (Now, I have your attention.)

Well, you can get all these things by entering the Miss Video Game 2007 competition. Created as a way to promote awareness of girls in gaming for the gaming industry, Miss Video Game 2007 plans to bring the ladies of gaming to the masses and to create positive role models for future female gamers.

Miss Video Game is looking for spunky women over the age of 18 (sorry, no guys in drag), who love video games or are interested in learning to play.

Ladies have until December 31st, 2006 to enter online and submit a photo. The online voting will begin on January 20th, 2007 and people will have a chance to vote for the ladies based on personality, creativity and gamer representation. The ladies during the voting window will be able to add videos, in game demos, interviews and audio clips to help show the voters that they best represent gamers.

Once the top gamers from each country are selected, the selected ladies will compete in an online gaming segment. The game and platform will be kept secret until February 1st as to provide a level playing field. Contestants will then have until February 15th to practice the given game and then they will have to start the online gaming portion of the contest.

Four finalists will be chosen based on their gaming scores, and one finalist will be picked by the judges based on spirit and attitude. These contestants will be whisked off to lovely Montreal, Canada for the final gaming competition where the ladies will duke it out against each other over 3 days on different games and platforms. Practice time will be given for these games as well. The final scores will be published and the contest broadcast over the web for another online voting session. In the end, the winner will be crowned Miss Video Game 2007.

The winner will receive $1000 USD, a trip for two to Riu Palace in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, a new game console (yet to be determined) and she will be featured in an upcoming video game.

Anyone interested in being a contestant or a judge can sign up at the official website, www.missvideogame.com. Submissions must be in by December 31st, 2006.


Anonymous said...

I'll see you on the playing field Faith. ;)

Anonymous said...

I see some of the major blogging sites give this a hard time. I am a male gamer and I think it's great that female's are getting into gaming and it's losing the stigma of "something only nerdy guys do". My GF is a gamer and I am going to see if I can get her to enter. Great job ladies!

Anonymous said...

I love you. yes! good luck to you !

Random J said...

*LMAO* @ the pic