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Aug 19, 2008

Gamer Fetish.com: Sexy Naked Girl + Games = Strangely Erotic Situations (SO NSFW)

I tend waiver on my support for the whole Nerdcore fetish because though on the one hand, I love hot naked women covered with game controllers, on the other hand I can't stand models who fake an interest in gaming just to make a buck.

Hot gamer chicks are only hot when they actually play. Talk Geek to me, baby and I'll get hot, but fake it for the camera's sake and I could care less.

Gamer Fetish.com is a new blog that has taken task of filling of the void of Nerdcore material on the worldwide web as their own personal mission. The site is still only 8 months old and has very few photo spreads and other info posts on it so far.

The models pose fully nude and pose with anything from a Halo helmet to a giant stuffed D&D dice. I don't believe any of the photos on the blog are original to the site, so ladies if you have any nude photos of you and your Xbox 360, I suggest you pull them from your facebook account or they could end up on this site.

Even if you don't find the photos "spank-bank" worthy, then at least check them out for a good chuckle when you have a minute or two alone. The Master Chief Helmet photo shoot has the best picture with the model riding MC's face. Classic.


Josh Miller said...

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more when you said it's not that hot if you know the model isn't actually a gamer. I've thought many times that I should do some photos like that to gain a little blog traffic but I am not sure if that would be considered selling out or morally wrong in some way. But the edge I have on those girls is that I AM a gamer and a HARDCORE one at that! Love the blog xx

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I'm not prowling through people's facebooks and myspaces looking for photos of girls playing video games. I'm fairly certain that would be illegal or at least inviting some serious trouble! The photo spreads are pretty much all used with permission (pretty much under the condition that I link back to the site they originate from/use their affiliate program, thus the banners and marketing text that accompany them).

I don't know all the girls that I feature personally (and not naming names, but there's a few I don't think have a snowball's chance in hell of ever having touched a console, but oh well), but I can say with total confidence that a few of them ARE really hardcore gamers. Kate from Kate's Playground plays WOW all day if that counts, Anna from nerdpr0n plays... well, everything, she just kind of rules. The girls from Geek Girls Online are also bonafide gamers. I'm also fairly certain that Ann Angel (the girl in the photo you chose) is as well; she does countless photoshoots with all her consoles & such. You'd be surprised at how many 'internet porn' girls are TOTAL computer/game nerds. We're talking Penthouse Pets sitting around playing MMORPGs in all their spare time, posting on forums, or being the ones who actually code and run their sites all by themselves. There's no law that dictates that pretty girls can't be smart or nerdy...

Oh, and for what it's worth... I'm also a girl, and I run the site when I'm able to tear myself away from, uh, video games. It was just an idea I had one day that spawned from a conversation with my (also a gamer) boyfriend.