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Jan 24, 2007

This is the internet and idiots live here.

Today on Digg.com, there was an article from a female gamer talking about how hard she found it to fit into the gaming community.

I understand that a lot of female gamers either get harassed by male gamers while playing video games or while they're posting on gaming forums, but ladies you have to step back for a moment and understand that these are men and they are just behaving this way, because they do.

Sure, generally guys don't ask to see your boobs or call you a whore and tell you to get back to the kitchen at the office or on the street, but this is the cyberworld and we are on a different playing field in here.

I play online games and I watch my guy play online games, this is what I understand about guys: when you're talking over a server or writing a comment on a web page, you can say whatever you want, and no one is there to pound you into dust for saying it. You are safe behind your little computer screen and hence people tend to say what they really want to.

So whether they are bagging on their team for losing and calling them a bunch of fags or bagging on you and telling you that girl gamers suck, its just how they play. Don't take what they say personally, because they are just saying the first obvious thing they can bag on you about like sexuality or gender.

Same with web sites, I've been called horrible names by people reading my articles, but I've also seen guy's get the same treatment on their articles too. Readers tend to get pick the easiest thing about a person to pick on and with women, its our gender.

All I'm trying to say is that not all guys will treat you badly in the gaming community, but the ones that do will treat you the same in a chat room, web site or forum for any other topic, and not just video games.

Its not about the fact you're a girl gamer, its the fact they can say whatever they want to people without a huge repercussions. Basically you disappear when they turn off the game console or computer, unlike a guy or girl in the real world standing in front of them.

Basically stop worrying about all these idiots and just game. I've heard my guy get rude comments from people online and he just tosses them back at them. Do the same.


Hanford said...

I agree. In the "treat everyone equally" world, everyone gets bagged on. Guys n girls. Gay n straight. Black n white. Outside of equal opportunity, there's sexual tension -- AKA overcompensating for the fact that you're from the opposite sex. This happens a lot on the playground, but sadly, it also happens in grown-up adult life. But then again, feeling bad about it also is quite common.


David said...

It's just like any other minority, you're going to have battles to fight. Keep in mind, however, that the world is changing into a place where some guys will revere you for being a girl gamer.

Anonymous said...

Minority? Dont be dumb.

Petrie said...

This is my response from over at my blog, posted here for your convenience.

"Women will be women"

There is an inherent problem with that statement. Why are you allowed to pre-judge someone as being a certain way, that which you define as being a "woman", based solely upon her gender? Yet if a man does the same thing, you criticize him? This isn't a perfect world, we make assumptions about people based on past experiences, everyone, yourself included, does this. I'm realistic enough to realize that if you're in a position that is persecuted, no one is going to fight the fight for you, you have to do it yourself.

Katsuya Kaiba said...

I've never been harassed by boys in my town, but really accepted. At my new job, one of my male co-workers was happy because he finally had somebody to talk to who spoke 'Video Game'. And the manager at Gamestop knows me and my friend as the only girls who come in religiously and gives us the same, extra treatment he gives all his regulars. And my little brother of 12, would rather hang with me at a game store than my brothers.